VA Management Dashboard

XceedAgent is reputed for its extreme and effective client support and client interaction. As soon as we start the development process, we assign you a Dashboard in our Xceed Project Dashbaord (XPD), where you can log in any time and follow the progress of your solution. A Dashbaord is assigned for every project we work on for you. We post updates and status of your project in the XPD almost everyday.

You can post your reviews and inputs in the Dashboard on your evaluation from the live testing area. QC will then take necessary actions and post the updates for you to check. The system is super easy to use and you can follow up everything in one place. No need to send back and forth or keep track of hundreds of emails. If you have multiple projects with us, you can log in using same user id and password and track the progress of all projects in one place. If necessary, besides the Dashbaord (XPD), we can also contact you by Phone and of course, email.