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Hire an Expert Website Design Assistant

Building a website is the quintessential first step that needs to be taken if you want to make the most out of the vast reach of the internet. Even after taking this vital first step your website will be just another number amongst the scores of websites on the World Wide Web. As per an estimate there are more than 8 billion indexed web pages on the internet.

So what is that defining X-Factor which will make your website standout?

The answer lies with a simple and easy to navigate website design that clearly communicates the intended message. Delivering on such a simple expectation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Today, many inexperienced web designers end up including all kinds of fancy designs, colors, block regions, marquee texts, etc. without giving a thought to usability.  The end result is that any new visitor to the website gets confused with the information overload that he prefers to move on and explore another website altogether. To ensure the bounce rate (enter and exit from one webpage) is kept to a bare minimum, you need to invest in quality web design services that can serve its intended purpose.

It sure comes across as an enormous task when you know that website design is not your forte and the core focus area of your business. Try bridging this vital gap by marrying the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and that of an expert web designer. You can engage the services of a virtual web design assistant to take care of all your design related requirements. These are highly skilled professionals who often work on ‘pay as you go’ kind of business model. You only have to invoke their services whenever there is a need and only pay for the actual task performed. This is a tremendous cost-saving benefit when you look at the fact that you do not have to hire any full-time resource, pay employee benefits, setup infrastructure, incur training expenditure and bear attrition related loss of money and time.

 A virtual website design assistant can bring in a wide range of expertise including but not limited to:

  • Creating great static and dynamic websites
  • Delivering attractive and contemporary layout designs
  • Providing creative inputs on what can work best for your line of business
  • Easy to navigate websites with minimal bounce rate
  • Collaborating with you and add value to your suggestions
  • Rolling out a SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) compliant design layout
  • Helping in designing corporate identity kit to bolster your branding efforts
  • Effectively integrating your various social media platforms such as Blogger, Twitter and Facebook with the website homepage

With all this and much more you can now envisage a meaningful online existence and map it effectively with your sales and marketing initiatives to take your business to newer heights. Contact a VA web design assistant today.

Xceed Agents





Why hire XceedAgents?


Easy to do Business
Working with Xceedagents is easy. Hire us for a project or for your ongoing tasks. Strong process, seamless communication, good teams and online project management. Instant sign-up process.

Expert Pool
XceedAgents provides a pool of expert people who can be allocated to customer tasks.The benefit of having a pool of experts is that we can handle complex tasks easily. If the dedicated agent lacks a specific skill, the team lead is able to pull another person and get task completed on time for the client.

Seamless Communication
We are a 24 / 5 operation and run 8 hour shifts. Agents are available to work in any shift. We provide toll free phone access from US and UK. Our team leads and agents are available on skype to instant chat and voice conversation. We have video conferencing and web conferencing facilities for clients to conduct detailed training programs.

Agent / Task Management Dashboard
Task management, communication storage, instant feedback, time sheets, date wise message sorting care critical aspects of managing a remote team. Xceed Project Dashboard provides all the above functionality and much more to help our clients manage and work with their agents in a streamlined seamless manner.

Customer Satisfaction & Ethics
One of our key management focuses is customer satisfaction. We work hard at remedy customer pain points and make each interaction with us fruitful and happy. We assure you that you would find our teams and managers easy to work with, sincere and 100% ethical.


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